Clinical Studies

Plant Extracts contain natural DHT blockers and stimulants for combating hair loss at the source, while enriching the roots for optimal hair growth.

Clinical Studies have shown that the extracts reduced the oxidative stress of follicles resulting in stronger and thicker hair. The anti-Inflammatory properties were also effective against a range of scalp conditions while maintaining PH levels to maximise hair growth.

Choi, 2018

Panax Ginseng Root

Abbas, 2020

Zingber Officinale Root

ZHANG, 2017

Biota Orientals Leaf

Chio et al, 2020

Polygonum Multiflorum Root

Cheng, 2020

Gleditsia Sinesis Seed

Park et al, 2013

Arborviate Leaf Extract

Koniuszy, 2016

Dioscorea Sylvestris Root