I've been using this shampoo over the last week and so far, so good! It lathers up really nicely, which is surprising because it has no nasty chemicals like traditional shampoos. I used it daily and by the end of the week, my hair felt much cleaner and less brittle. The fragrance is a naturally herbal scent and left my hair smelling fresh. I also like that the consistency is quite thick so only requires a dollop to work. So far it seems to have also helped with volume and strength. I know it will take a few more weeks to see the full effect but I can already notice the difference!

Great organic shampoo!

I was delighted with this purchase as I started seeing improvement after a few weeks of using it.
My hair became smooth, and it became easier to comb it. Also, I love the fact that the shampoo is natural and made from great ingredients, so I know that it won't harm hair. Highly recommend it!


Great shampoo, left my hair really smooth to touch. Hair also seem stronger and I noticed less hair fall

Great Shampoo

My hair is looking really strong and thick. Would definitely recommend!

Amazing product

Amazon product! It helped me a lot

Nice shampoo

Very good hair feels amazing!